Rocky Start…

We had a rocky start to the weekend after spending most of Friday afternoon in A&E with the youngest man child getting his foot x-rayed, only to find out it was actually broken and he needs to wear a moon boot for the six weeks. That doesn’t sound so bad does it, well it would’ve of been if I hadn’t of been telling my son he was fine and it was just probably a sprain for the last few days. So I will be getting bad mum of the year award as he hobbles about on his holibobs and school for the next half a dozen weeks – I will add it to the list.

Because, believe me there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Most of us are just plodding through hoping for the best, some of us are lucky enough to get through by the skin of our pants while others seemingly glow in parenthood (by hiding thier parentling boo-boos in the ‘that didn’t happen cupboard’.) We have ALL cried and had ‘put it in the fuck it bucket’ days but we have all had days or at least an hour where we have rocked – whether it’s been building that Lego pirate ship, doing your child’s homework or just let them eat that cake. The most important win though for parents (and it is important to congratulate yourselves daily for this) not only did you survive parenthood but your child did too – even if it was by the skin of your pants…

So as we packed our broken footed son off to his dad’s for the weekend we felt we deserved a little R&R for ourselves. It was time to go adventuring with the dugs. Now like most plans, they start off well and then burn, burn into smitherines, around your feet. We had planned to go to Tynemouth market, the weather was nice, we hadn’t been for a while and Willie had never been on the metro. So it was decided a metro ride to Tynemouth market it would be.

This is where the fun began, we paid for our £6.00 tickets (six pounds!) Sat patiently at the station, where Willie was a boss showing no reaction to the trains whatsoever, we boarded the train, the dogs loved it and… The train was cancelled and we had to get off at the next stop. As we waited for complimentary buses more and more trains arrived, leaving more and more stranded passengers, however there were no buses to be seen. After a forty minutes wait we gave up. We reversed our travel plans and decided to go back for the car and drive to Tynemouth – and we still arrived before the busses did, what a waste of £6.00 – use public transport say the government, well make it affordable and reliable then…

As you guessed we did make albiet it was now long after lunch time, we mooched around the market, looking for treasures and found a few; The Spoonman, some collectable helmets and swords, lots of food stalls and much more. It really is worth a visit. However, by now we were starving and we knew the perfect place Allards Lounge who are k9 friendly, both inside and out. Things were beginning to look up now, with a Newcastle classic stottie with saveloy, mustard and stuffing, followed by handcooked crisps and complimented with a ‘cuppa’ but no visit to Tynemouth is complete without visiting Tynemouth Priory and Castle , sadly they had an event on today, meaning it was jammed packed, great for the Priory not so much for the dogs. We decided to enjoy the view from afar and walk along the coast instead but we will be back.

So a bit of a rough start, but all in all a nice day, I am pretty confident to say everyone had a nice day – because I am the only one awake – they are all snoring thier heads off. I think I’ll go and pop the kettle on and sneak some little paintings in…

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