Blip in the road…

While Lord Willie is doing grand on the rebilitation front, he is still struggling with visiting the beach (which also happens to be one of his favourite places.) He is finding it especially hard on the beaches where the entrances are pebbled, which most of the local ones are now, after the many storms we have seen this year. Indeed our local beaches have changed drastically.

Certainly, I cannot remember the last time we could the WW2 defenses so clearly, saw pebbled beaches and witnessed sturdy drops on our shore line. We have in essence gained a whole new beach experience. For Willie though I think his attraction to the beach is the feeling of being free and unafraid – the beach is a world apart to his previous life, the furthest most to his experience of living on the streets; after being abused and then abandoned. You could say the beach is his happy place, which I can relate to, as it is the place I am always drawn to when the ‘black dog’ is at my back or life draws me down.

Willie, however much he struggles at the beach, manages though. This in itself is an amazing feat – he still favours his ‘good’ leg – using it to counter balance his healing one, thus choosing to hop and skip at times but he is also cautious (after pulling it once or twice) and you can’t blame him really but neither can I believe what a strong, resilient dog he is for what he has overcome this past nine months – the best of us would have given up by now.

This is the dog you could not touch, cuddle or kiss, the dog that the vets red labelled ‘with caution’, who was scrawny, thin and untrusting. This is my dog, he is Superdog and after all his misfortunes before us he has stayed strong. His pins in his leg are doing great. Where they took away a section of his bone, is healing and his newly smoothed knee cap is working grand – it makes the additional cruciate ligament surgery seem minor – which it wasn’t. So if he’s still struggling at the beach, so be it – if this dogs past resilience is anything to go by it will just be a little blip in the road to recovery.

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