A Gaggle of Westies?

A gaggle of Westies; a pack of canines or Willie’s hareem of ladies?

Which ever title you choose or prefer gives you the same result. Little white balls of chaos and destruction – well that is probably an over exaggeration on my behalf but there was definitely a good handful of westitude and mischief. As my good friend and I walked the socks off our combined five westies at Northumberlandia, the sun shone, making it a glorious day but glorious days make thirsty work and much to our disappointment the cafe at the Lady of the North was shut – meaning only one thing – we would have to suffer sitting in the sunshine in the beer garden at the Snowy Owl opposite.

As we prepared to endure this awful feat, we sought out a warm, shaded, comfortable spot for the dugs, complete with water bowls (all which were handily available at this very dog friendly establishment) and settled down to a long ice cold drink of pop – for we were driving. Now walking a pack of dogs together is far easier than sitting with them, when they are on the move they are focussed, occupied and excercised. However, when sitting still the semantics of the two packs become clear, with two pack leaders and many legs, then put that together with it was a sunny day, making for a comfortably busy beer garden and that one thing westies are renound for is thier noseyness – made for an interesting refreshment break.

Not that the ‘interesting’ part was anything to worry about, calming the semantics of the two packs came down to the sharing of treats and the beer garden was adequatly filled to distract the five white wonders as they desparately tried to meet and greet everyone. The quietest of the pack though – Lord Willie himself. He took it all in his stride, making it look easy – other than looking a little hen pecked at times, he still managing to pull off the cool dude routine.

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