Haircut Day.

It’s haircut day – not that the dogs are overly enthusiastic about it but summer is coming, albiet a English summer probably but we can hope. So summer hair cuts it is for the dogs, short and neat in preparation for warm weather and lots of walks.

I always hate the after bit though, before haircuts Maggie usually has a beautiful full face, that just blooms mischief. Unfortunately, her body is just a mass of tats, knots and general muck, forcing the need for that trim buy it never stops the dread of picking her up after the chop – not that it is a dreadful cut or anything – it’s just that she’s so different although I’m sure she does feel better for it. Certainly today she was desparate, especially as we spied a sticky lump this morning; clotted in her fur to only find that she had a sweetie stuck in amongst it – and the only way it was coming out was to be cut out (I’m pretty sure the groomer was not expecting that request) but neither is it probably the weirdest or worst request she’s had …

Alternatively, on the other hand, Willie is a peach to groom and his coat rarely seems to change. As Maggies gets longer, it curls. Willies is ruler straight and corse, meaning as his fur grows it still stays relatively neat, unlike his face – that explodes into a magnificent lion’s mane – making him look like he has a huge head and if you really neglect to trim his face he grows ‘curtains’ – not a very becoming look at all for a gentleman.

So we have two very different experiences with grooming, Maggie’s change is extreme – while Willie looks the same and you feel like you’ve just burned money on a groom for the fun it but they do both smell devine (at least for the first few days) because like all Westies they like to cause mischief and mischief often includes horrid smells…

And just for a giggle, here’s some before and after pictures 😁.

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