Grown Ups.

Is there such a thing as having too much fun? What about when you are supposed to be a grown up? (Well at least pretending to be a grown up.) It’s been a funny old week, what with it being SATS week but also National Mental Health Week and while I try at best to promote positivity through my blogs life is a story and as in each story you read if you read between the lines you can see through the smoke. You see not every day or even hour for that matter is easy, pleasant or covered with fairy dust. That is just not how life works.

Behind every smile is a story, some days the story is all about the smile, others it is about what the smile hides. This week has been wonderful and hard. Tiring and memorable. I still miss Nana Rosie (the silly things bothering me most; noisy farts, chomping her teeth, nipping the back of my legs to hurry up and open the door.) This week I sorted through her coats and jumpers, wanting another to get use out of them and I had people comment that Willie looks like Rosie following his haircut. This week I remembered my brother, dreamt about him even and cried over my mum again.

I have struggled to stay afloat this week, struggled with sleep. I am tired but I still try to see the beauty in things; a child holding a door open for a adult, the dogs comforting my upset grandson, the chocolate bar I hid for that moment I needed it. A hen party with daft shenanigans and giggles with friends.

Sometimes though you do not know what you need and the universe just pushes it your way; a catch up with friends, an extra bit of cake, wearing a horse costume – while galloping around like a big kids or it can be as simple as a dogs love. I wouldn’t say I suffer from depression – not on a daily basis but I know there are days my mental health needs a helping hand. Sadly, too much time is spent not talking about mental health, so next time you see a smile, take your time – a smile can be many things…

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