IT’S FRIDAY… Quick run for the hills, grab that glass and tankard of wine on your way past, we’ve survived another week of work unscathed – well mostly (I think I’ve developed a slight nervous twitch.) I’ve definitely developed a verbal disfunction – I know that much as I may have ininvertally suggested that one of my work colleagues was a ‘minger’ when replying to a photograph of them and thier baby as ‘cute’ and then following it up with ‘the baby not you’ and it pretty much went down hill from there as the harder I tried to redeem myself the worse it got. Thankfully the colleague in question is a good sport (with a good sense of humour) and other than being stricken off his Christmas card list – probably for the rest of my life – took it in good fun. Mr 3WD&P was of no use at all, too busy laughing in the corner at my predicament – I’ll be sure to remember that …

As you can see by today’s photos though the white dogs and pigcat have also been up to no good, causing mischief where ever they go. Pigcat escaped out of the confines of the house this afternoon (during school hours) to go in search of a sunny spot – which just happened to be the staff carpark. The problem is Pigcat is not only is a sociable wee thing, greeting anybody warmly, he also loves cars and has no issues with hopping into one as you can see. There is also a story about Willie’s photo, as he dashes down the hill full speed – he had moments before the picture was taken, ran up to Maggie and jumped on her as she was lying resting at the top. Willie knowing that Maggie would not be best pleased, hoofed it down the hill before she could chastise him – just look at his face, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Indeed Pigcat and the dogs all seem to sense it is Friday and are all in playful, happy moods. Maybe it is because we were out of uniform today, celebrating the upcoming royal wedding, as we dressed in red, white and blue. Maybe it was the sound of all the school children enjoying thier cream tea this afternoon on the school field or maybe they just know and they are smarter than we give them credit for. One thing I’m certain of is Friday is one of our favourite days in the 3WD&P household.

So happy Friday, Wineday or just have a lovely day, as I know not everyone is off on a weekend .

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