Royal Invite…

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3WD&P invited to Royal Wedding – Rumoured Prince Harry asked Lord Willie to be best man. Lord Willie turned down Prince Harry request due to worrying about taking away some of the limelight from the Royal couples special day and took a reserved seat in the sidelines to support the devestated Prince.

In an exclusive interview with Lord Willie, Willie stated;

“Due to my handsome exterior and long Scottish lineage I was worried Meghan would become distracted at me standing by Harry’s side, so I chose to be seated not far away as to support the Prince in his special day.”

Further to this Lady Maggie, Lord Willie’s plus one for the day added;

“I thought Meghan looked very pretty today , not quite West Highland Terrier white but not everyone can be perfect.”

However, the day did not go as smoothly as hoped for Lord Willie and Price Harry as Lord Willie was soon to find out Prince Harry had also invited Lord Pigcat too. Lord Willie was so outraged he refused to raise a glass to Prince Harry, feeling he had not been duly warned stating;

“I feel my feelings have been overlooked and no thought has been given to my disposition on having THAT CAT not only invited but seated opposite me. I feel I must leave.”

Lord Pigcats response was simply;


Prince Harry declined to comment but it is believed he is devestated that Lord Willie has left the Wedding and has spent most of the afternoon in a tearful state, worrying that Willie will never speak to him again.

Lady Maggie, however, was later seen slipping off with one of the Royal families Corgis…

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