Lord Willie first of his name is glowing with confidence; being that he is now able to sit next to his Highness Pigcat – and behave impeccably (well almost, apart from his permanant scowl directed at him) you see Willie is a firm believer that all catz is evil and dogs n catz are mortal enemies and should never be friends. Thankfully, he is also so in love with Mr 3WD&P in that is he desparate to please him – hence he pulls out all the stops and is pleasant to Pigcat for him -just.

Not that he can keep it up out of sight of Mr 3WD&P; where he reverts back to being a jackass – not that he can get near Pigcat and believe me Pigcat is on the same page where Willie is concerned – forever to be mortal enemies but they can co-exist to the point of not having chunks of fur and blood flying everywhere…

Maggie however, just loves everyone – including Pigcat and does not understand the rivilary between these, totally oblivious to the chilvary surrounding her but we are not ready to give up yet – bring out the honey ham – these boys WILL be friends…

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