Just to prove how well Lord Willie first of his name is doing grand – here he is is playing with Lady Maggie and properly too – something he has not known how to do since he came to live with us, always getting play wrong by being too rough or taking it too far. He will never be a ‘quiet’ lad while playing as he is in general a gobby chap – something that people often misinterpret as dominant or even aggressive but if you know Willie and I mean really know him you would know this is not the case but far from it.

Watching these too play today is both delightful and sad. Delightful because it is another little box ticked off for Willie but sad because I cannot join in the fun – which is all Willies fault…

From the weekend I have been suffering from a bad back and was just managing to get moving again and even dare I say improving – until this morning – when I tripped over Willie and like most doggy parents in your attempt not to land on the dog or hurt them you twist yourself into awkward angles and whoa betide – I pulled my back again and am back a square one struggling to bend and move and to make matters worse…

On informing work that I would not be in today, without thinking I innocently stated;

“I’ve tripped over my husbands Willie and pulled by back again. I don’t think I will make it in today.”

In which I got the reply;

“You best tell him to tuck it into his sock then.”

Which I am pretty sure was followed by lots of sniggering…

The pains of letting my husband rename a dog Willie – forever does he find it hilarious but after a while you don’t really think about it – well until you hear the sniggering. Thanks Mr 3WD&P, you make my life colourful.

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