Don’t forget to smell the flowers…

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers or even make a wish, especially when life is busy or hard. Take a paw from the dogs book and be more dog – if you can’t eat it, kiss it or cuddle it, just discard your unwants on it, kick some grass over it and move on.

If only life was more dog, like it was when you were young; no worries over bills or work, not having to worry about anybody but yourself, being more free, leaving stress and hate behind. I know it’s easier said than done and at times when life is hard or you are hurting you lash can lash out (something I am guilty of now and then) or even frustration can drive you to not be your better self.

Hardest of all though can be to forgive, to let go but in order to move forward you sometimes need to leave it behind you. This is a process I have been working on and one thing that has helped me is my writing. In writing down (and rewriting) my blog has not also gave me a record of this past year but a release from it – and if you are not a writer at home – you don’t have to be, scribbling something on a small peice of paper;. A short sentence or even a word; folded up and popped in a jar to look over in the new year can be enough.

So write it down, good or bad and leave it on the paper, then you can choose to look back and reflect if you like later – I find it very refreshing – maybe you will too and for those times that are hard or difficult – stop. Look around at the beautiful things around you; a buttercup, a smile , a small child’s laugh and take in the small pleasures – take a breath – you will get through this and in your memory jar you can look back on all the times you thought you wouldn’t and prove you did – for you are amazing!

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