Lazy or Clever – you choose…

This week has been a tough week, following on from last weekend when my back ‘tweeked’ and all in all it was improving – well until Lord Willie (or lord jackass as I calling him at the moment) went all stunt dog on me on Wednesday morning as I got out of bed. You see in desperation of wanting to say good morning while also wanting to sneak in some belly rubs; as I came out of the bedroom he decided to bound towards me (full speed) and do his famous ‘drop and roll’.

Drop and roll however, usually means he’s underfoot and tripping you up – which is exactly what happened. He got underfoot and I had three choices; stand on him, fall on him or do acrobatics to avoid him. I did the latter (as we probably all do.) This unfortunately meant my then healing back was jerked and pulled in a way it did not like. Thus I have spent the latter of the week lying flat on my back or resembling a bent old lady while trying to walk around the house.

One other slight disruptance – which is putting the dogs out is I am unable to walk them. Do not be fooled though, they are getting walked – by Mr 3WD&P and in the house I am trying to sit with them and play with them as much as I can (to try and get any pent up energy out of them) but still I have worried. They seem dispondent – sleepy even – maybe bored. Not now though; as I managed to find a dog puzzle on fbook market place and it was a bargain at that. It’s a simple idea really, you place treats in all the sections and close it – the dogs have to figure it out to get the treats – dahda!

Or at least you would think so… Maggie loved it and couldn’t wait to have a go (and realised very quickly what she had to do.) Willie – well it depends how you look on it; he is either VERY lazy or VERY clever – not seemingly interested at all in finding the treats… Until Maggie turns the puzzle and while she nom noms the treats in her corner – Willie gobbles up all the treats in the opposite corner which Maggie also opened…

This dog ain’t daft 😂

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