Problem Solver…

Mr 3WD&P has a plan – a plan that involves getting Mrs 3WD&P back on her feet and moving. Mr 3WD&P has read that certain exercises can help strengthen the back such as; swimming, Pilates and cycling. Mr & Mrs 3WD&P already have folding bikes for when they go on adventures in the car – thus Mr 3WD&P thinks this will be a great opportunity.

So on trolling Facebook market place for several days he has found what he is looking for – a bike trailer. Mrs 3WD&P can now once again take the four paws on adventures (never mind that she can’t lift her leg over the middle bar.) However as I pointed out the dogs are not actually walking – so does it not defeat the point?

Mr 3WD&P in his determination to be helpful (and right) though has calmily stated “well, when you get to your destination you can walk them then.” I think Mr 3WD&P just quite fancied a ‘dog trailer’ and is deflecting his wanted purchase by trying to make it out it was for me but I am not daft. Mr 3WD&P has had great fun this weekend adapting it and ‘having a go’ though (while I sit and watch from my Nana chair) but I suppose it’s kept him busy and there is no denying the dogs love it.

I wonder if Pigcat will too?

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