Dahda – nice photographs of the buttercups and with no photo bombing in sight, although it is slightly cooler today; not the dogs are bothered at all in the slightest, running around like looney bins in the long grass and Willie stop, drop and rolling infront of us every two feet or so but that is not the only little behaviours he has at the moment. You see we have pushed Willie’s boundarys again – he is experiencing something new – a caravan.

Caravans however come with there own set of problems. For starters you can hear every noise (inside and out), then they have cubbies and hidey holes (where monsters could hide – skin peeling ones), seagulls waddling on roofs, ice creams on floors, rabbits running around, people everywhere and floor to ceiling windows. Talk about over stimulation.

Maggie is in her element though, the busier the better. The more adventures to be had and a caravan full of people is heaven for her as she loves it. So with Willie’s micromanaging of every noise and Maggie in full excitement mode. Unfortunately Willie in his comfort zone is a gobby lump so Willie out of his comfort zone is a mixture of a grumpy gruffulo and a bossy Nana – wanting to not only protect us but himself too. For you never know what may try to kill you on holibobs 🤣😂😀

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