Train of death.

Maggie’s got this…

She can do the holiday train – with it and all its horror. Actually she quite enjoyed the little adventure, as did Willie who Lorded it up, sitting regally on daddies knees giving the royal wave to all his loyal lowley subjects who were bound to use the public footpaths…

Maggie felt compelled to let her smallest charge know everything was okay too leaning over the seats to put her paw on his shoulder as the train noisily started up and began to rumble away. However, once warmed up and moving everyone settled down to enjoy the journey and take in the passing scenery. The dogs enjoying watching the swans, geese and ducks as we trundled past, while also being at a great vantage point to source out any other resident fourpaws – as it is all about the socialisation you know…

For us two legs though it was more about peeking in the caravan windows to get a good neb, watching the signets and ducklings waddling after thier mothers and finding the fresh donut stand yum yum and after an evening last night of too much gin (if there is such a thing) we are in for a relaxing evening watching the box and snuggling with the four paws as being on holiday is hard work you know…

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