The 3WDs have announced war – war on the beaked ones, a war of wars; may they be swans, geese, ducks, finches or chickens we shall prevail. For lady Maggie cannot conceive how or why these creatures do not like her – everybody likes her. Not only does everyone like her, they like playing with her too, so why dont these strange feathered things not like it? Why they are hissing at her and trying to peck her bottom she cannot fathom…

Lord Willie though is more street wise; he understands the food chain but he also understands and knows what games to play and battles to fight and ones with large white swans and gobby geese are not it. Especially ones with babies under the wing. Indeed you would think this street dog had had a run in of this sort before and dare I say it, he seems a little scared of these waterside warriors, as he walks on tender toes around the edge of the path – as far away as possible from the hissing predators.

Maggie in total contrast though is ‘thick as mince’ and seems to think if she persists at some point they will have to circum to her charm and love her, and befriend her and play with her. Meaning she is still running around and trying to avoid those pecks on the bottom but not with much luck but God loves a trier…

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