My cat is an asshole…

This afternoon as I was pondering how I was going to start today’s post I was handed the perfect plot therefore this post shall be named ‘My cat is an asshole’. For he is. It all started as we unpacked our bags and watched the dogs play in the garden when we got a worried message from a friend asking if we are home from holidays as she could hear a yowling and screeching noise as she walked past our house and she was concerned that a cat or the cat (Pigcat) was stuck somewhere…

I was happy enough to let her know that infact he were home (as was Pigcat) and he was not stuck but infact just being a jerk and punishing us for putting him in the cattery while we were away by doing his usual – walking around the outside of the bungalow and screaming at us through all the open windows and doors, while also giving us the cold shoulder. Infact we had already earlier that day had to remove Pigcat from the public carpark outside of our home because he had decided to lie in the middle of the road and block all of the traffic going into the blood transfusion session. Hence he had to be carried back home (kicking and screaming like a naughty toddler) and my friends reply – “I should of known it was Mr Drama!” She knows him so well…

So right now he is still ‘punishing’ us and screaming threats of abandonment and torture at us. The dogs are a bit put out by this screaming and are not quite sure what to do with themselves, opting to go and hide in thier beds but Mr 3WD&P has other ideas he’s chilling with his new mug and some strong coffee – while also searching for his headphones to drown out Pigcats yowling and in the midst of all this we now have one lucky winner; pulled out of the hat. Congratulations to Alison Shirley-Lester and to all of you that took part thank you for all of your wonderful support but don’t worry we will do another one soon 💜💜💜

But our cat is an asshole…

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