Pigcat and the Pork…

Of course the dark clouds and threatening rain would come today because today is back to work day and a training day at that too. This meant that it was a rude awakening for Willie and Maggie who have had us all to themselves this week and have slept like professionals during the day to being left at the doorstep this morning bleary-eyed and bewildered as we dragged ourselves grumpily to work.

Then to make matters worse we then both went back to work after lunch – BOTH of us – the horror and it was such a shock to the system for them that thier complacent attitude to cuddles and spending time with us has turned a full circle. In that they were practically tripping over each other when we got back in from training. We got kisses, cuddles and happy smiles galore – well at least until I got thier leaders out because let’s face it, that’s what they wanted…

Unlike lord Pig – who is in ANOTHER mega huff. This time because he’s on curfew – works back on, meaning we have to keep his wandering to a minimum. No climbing through windows into meetings, lying Infront of the staffs cars as they try to park or napping in cars with windows open for him. Of course he’s not happy about it and as such has decided that if he cannot cause mischief outside – he will cause it inside …

So what’s he been up too – well we did have a frozen joint defrosting in the bench. It was covered and wrapped in cellophane… Was. I mean he wasn’t greedy or anything. Pigcat likes to share – so the 2WD&P had a nice little picnic compromising of a frozen pork joint and when we got in as Maggie and Willie feint innocence and pointed the paw at Pigcat; he sat tall and proud, washing his paws with a twinkling in his eye – feeling quite pleased with himself – hence the name Pigcat – maybe we should change it to arsehat…

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