Hide and Seek.

Everybody loves a game of hide and seek; Willie and Maggie are two that certainly do, so as the grass in fields gets longer and longer, Maggie and Willie get more and more excited. I don’t think either of them have clicked on to the fact though that because they are white they are never as hidden as they think they are but then to be honest I think Willie thinks he is completely hidden by one blade of grass so not being hidden by a whole field of the stuff probably won’t spoil his fun.

Maggie however, likes to cause mischief and long grass feeds this streak in her. You can practically see her vibrating with excitement at all the possibilities; the hiding, scaring and jumping out at people – the torment and teasing of Willie. I love watching them play, amongst the buttercup stems, brushing past the corn wheat and rolling in the cool tufts. It is a recipe for laughs and giggles galore. A great opportunity for photographs.

Or you would think it would be but I didn’t factor Willie in – have I mentioned before that he’s a bit of a brute and doesn’t really know how to play properly – often a representative of ‘a bull in a China shop.’ I maybe snapped three or four photographs (only two of which were passable) before I ended up ass over tit…

You see Maggie and Willie were having a great game of hide and seek – which is Maggies favourite game (and she’s great at it and knows it) however, Willie is a novice. Thus Maggie got him everytime; every leap out of the long grass, Willie had his socks scared off and Maggie was so fast by the time he had whizzed around to see what had pinched him on the bum, there was nothing there. So Willie quite liking the game (while still being a scaredy cat) ventured far enough ahead to explore but close enough to high tail it back to hide behind – yes me!

Well along with the scenario of Willie being a bull in a China shop routine – he also has NO spacial awareness, so when he clocked Maggie sneaking a super speed through the grass towards him, he bolted. As fast as he could towards me. So fast that he couldn’t stop in time and totally failed when trying to manovure himself to hide behind me, resulting in him colliding into my legs square on and at full speed…

Have you ever seen somebody going over the handles of a push bike? Or watched You’ve Been Framed as a dog owner has been run down by thier great Dane and they play it in slow motion. That’s exactly what it was like. My phone went in one direction, Willie in another as I went arse over tit – leaders in hand.

The horror on Willie’s face was a picture and Maggie didn’t dare come out of her hiding space – peering through the long grass as us, until I started laughing and anybody walking past would of thought we were mad. Me sitting on the ground laughing with two white dogs on my lap, wagging thier bums and sharing kisses and I tell you what I can feel a bruise coming up already…

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