We were out exploring the fields again today but today I was not going to be on the receiving end of Lord Willie and his bull charges so I changed the walk up a little bit. Firstly I took Mr 3WD&P with me and secondly I made sure I was the one hiding. For the one that hides will surely not get knocked down.

Well all in all my theory worked – I did not get bowled over by Willie’s panic to get away from the bum nipping Maggie but I had put myself into the limelight. They were the hunters, I was the hunted and they loved it. As Mr 3WD&P distracted them with treats I scarpered, hiding behind tall reeds, straggly bushes and thick set tree trunks. I didn’t need to see the faces of the dogs to know this was thier new best game – I could hear it as they hooted and yapped and raced each other to find me first and as they leaped over tufts of grass and crops of buttercups they could only be described as lamb like as they frolicked around together. They ran, leaped, raced and jumped to thier hearts content until we got home, as when we settled down – they all fell asleep, dog, grandchild, husband and all (in the sleeping corner) looks comfortable doesn’t it…

Me – I found something to keep me busy. I finished off Rosie’s name plague for her food bowl and popped another coat on Willie and Maggie’s. For all that Rosie is not with us anymore, she is still very much in my heart and is still a huge miss but a third dog is something that our hearts are not ready for yet and strangely enough owning a third dog just seems to strain the wallet with three lots of insurance and such but in saying that we have been talking and are going to have a look at some rescues and apply to foster again. We may not be financially able to offer a permanant home to a third dog yet but we can help them find thier forever home and who wouldn’t want to be part of that. So once the special birthday celebrations are over at the end of the year we will hooefully be able to help other dogs in need 💜💜💜

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