The Cheek Of It…

The cheek of it – how dare he. The little white wonders were so disappointed. As they bounded into the fields this afternoon they were so excited, the anticipation of playing thier new favourite game was like electricity in the air around them. They rushed as fast as thier little legs would carry them down the lane, skipping over dried up puddles and sniffing amongst the blackberry bushes on the way – and they knew exactly where they were going – to the fields to play in the long grass. To play hide and seek with the two legs. They could not wait.

With the turn off to the fields just around the next corner they eagerly trotted on, each trying to be faster than the other and leaving us behind. Head down, tails up they pushed up past the overgrown grass, following the worn path that would take them to thier wanted destination and as thier heads popped through the leafy entrance, they met with the sight of…

A freshly cut, flat field. You could see the disappointment on thier faces, as thier tails drooped low and they looked about bemused, trying to figure out what horror had befallen them and surely enough as they looked about away in the distance they could not only see but hear the roar of the farmers tractor – grass cutting blades in tow. This huge wheeled monster was fast demolishing the dogs beloved long grass and hiding places. My heart broke for them as I watched thier dilemma; until…

Willie realised the huge wheeled monster had left a trail – a trail consisting of large mounds of fresh cut grass, which was; soft, moist and inviting. Thus a new game was had. They rolled, leaped and burrowed through the cuttings and as they played thier paws and snouts grew a green tinge, which slowly appeared and spread – the dogs had grass stains and as they carrier on playing in the now short grass, thier sense of fun became almost infectious as they bounded back and forth; dropping, rolling and crawling every few feet – and the grass cutter – he moved onto the next field, seemingly not too impressed with our laughing and our ruining of his perfect perpendicular grass mounds – oops 😅

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