Saturday mornings sometimes gives me the chance to reflect, as Mr 3WD&P gets a well earned sleep in and my annoying body clock wakes me up at my normal alarm clock time but it gives me time to catch up and sometimes mooch through photographs on my phone.

I always try to leave a postitive post on my page, finding that all around on social media we are surrounded by negative images and horrifying new reports – that sometimes a reprieve is what we need but that being said it is easy to think that somebody else’s life is wonderful or ‘Rosie’ even looking in but usually it is not. Usually you just see the snippets – the good bits and let’s face it who wants to see all the snots and tears anyway.

However, sometimes that’s exactly what we need not only to see but to share. This week has been a long and tiring week but a good week, there has been a lot of smiles but also the occasional moments of snots and tears too. I still terrible miss one old battle axe and as I met Mr 3WD&P for cake (yes cake) and coffee yesterday I had a snot and cry in the cafe (over the said cake and coffee.) I know it was her time and it was right but I’m still looking for her on walks and for cuddles on the couch and at bedtime.

So this morning as Mr 3WD&P snored – I mean slept, I looked back at our story with Nana Rosie and I smiled (I also snotted and cried) I don’t need to share many photos of Nana Rosie to share her story it is apparent in just a few.

Let me share our journey with her. I hope you can see what I see – how love can make a difference…

The Photographs;

1) This is one of the first photographs we took of Rosie when she first came to us. She was still settling in, dishevelled and her medication was still in review.

2) Sitting in the garden a few days later, beginning to settle but still looking a little worse for wear.

3) A week later – sitting in the same spot in the garden – this time settled, more confident and with her medication and diet in review feeling much better.

4) A couple of months later – do I need words or an explanation – look at her. Beautiful.

5) One of Nana Rosie’s last photographs – full of sass. Wasn’t she a beauty. Her personality had flourished. She was holding her own. She was family.

I miss her so much.

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