Trouble Maker…

Well what can I say…

As we were already going to take some flowers down to the crematorium today for my mum and Nana Rosie we decided to stop off at the beach too (which just happens to be across the road.) Well my life, from the minute we put the dogs in the car Maggie was a right tool. Full of mischief and on her very own agenda.

You would think she had no commands or leader training as she zigzagged randomly back and forth and tried to get the upper hand, pulling on her leader. At this point I thought it was just because it was early and she hadn’t had her morning walk. A good walk was all she needed to blow the cobwebs away (well that and a poop.) I could not of been more wrong.

I would like to point out now though that Willie was exemplary behaved today. However, as soon as we let Maggie off on the beach she began her long line of offenses; running off, tripping us up, ignoring commands, eating dead things – you name it – she did it and just as we were thinking she could not possibly worse…

She bounded at tp speed right into the middle of a family picnic. The parents in all fairness were very good about it, laughing and stroking Maggie. Sadly, though thier little toddler was not so anamoured with her, as she desparate tried to give her slobbery kisses. So we had to very quickly exit the beach – while profusely apologising to the family and lifting Maggie in the process (as she kept going back for more and I’m pretty sure she nabbed a sandwich in the process) I am embarrassed to say we could still hear the little girl screaming as we got back to the carpark. I think it is safe to say we are the worst dog owners ever!

We did consolidated our horror with a hot beverage and some fresh donuts, albiet it was as hidden a place we could find (as far away from the family and the beach as humanely possible.) To the point it was on the cliff edge overlooking the lighthouse. Not that this deterred Maggie’s terrorist attempts at all, as she then saught to sabotage our very unhealthy picnic, torment any birds that were trying to steal our picnic and trying to dive off the cliffs in the process of trying to catch them. Needless to say, we locked her leader on short and gave up on our ‘relaxing’ stroll at the seaside.

On the upside, she was so tired when we got home she hasn’t moved 😯.

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