Maggie has redeemed herself today, being on her best behaviour out on our adventures. She even managed being a good citizen by sitting like an angel with a passing toddler (also a girl) that wanted to meet her and stroke her – her mum asked it is was okay first obviously and Maggie obliged (as she does love little ones.) So many comparisons from yesterday’s adventures; from the beach to the woods and fields, a rogue dog to a perfect member of society.

However, day to day comparisons are easy to see and you sometimes forget the ones further in the past. Willie is a perfect example of this. Northumberlandia is one of the first places we took Willie when we got him, not only did he struggled on the lead but he found other dogs and people difficult, having had to always be on high alert living on the streets. He would either walk the long way around to avoid people or barge in with the mindset of ‘getting in there first’ and we have all had the pleasure of watching this little man come out of his shell.

So today was an extra bonus, visiting again one of his very first haunts – not only for a walk but to meet up with friends too (and thier dogs, which they have not met before) introducing our dogs had been on the cards for a while but it always seemed to never be the right time with our friends dog needing an operation and then Willie’s operation soon after. Plus the two boys were very similar in nature, so we anticipated some grumbling. I do not know why we were fussing, all four dogs were super stars and did not even bat an eyelid on our walk.

And Willie – he still won’t accept treats or water off people he doesn’t know but today he was quite happy to be stroked by Maggie’s little visitors and even went up to some walkers to say hello (rather than doing his usual and standing notchalanty to the side.) It’s all about the little things – so I had a little gin to celebrate…

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