Gluteus Maximus.

Nothing like a bike ride to get the heart pumping and the bones aching. Not to mention that feeling of being old and knackered and then to top it off to having two heavy lumps in the trailer so that you feel like you are peddling with the breaks on, making it all the more difficult.

Not that Willie and Maggie were bothered in the slightest as they sat back, enjoyed the view and lapped up the cool breeze blowing in thier hair. All they were missing to finish off thier little chauffeur ride was a pair of sun glasses and a cocktail in hand.

That being said, these two white lightenings were not happy to just being chauffeured about, they wanted to be out, running around the park and exploring and who are we to say no (plus our gluteus maximus were a little tender by this point.) So we stopped, to play and explore and sit on the hill to enjoy the sunshine.

And when we got back on our bikes – we tenderly cycled home on our bruised buttocks, as the dogs lay back relaxed and in comfort…

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