It has been a bit of everything this week, with school trips, beastie dogs murdering thier new toys, sleeping cats and tired, frayed edges. We have had happy smiles and grumpy scowls mixed in with a little bit of madness. Why? You may be asking – well just because that is life.

Life and the routine around life can sometimes be monotonous; wake, work, chores and sleep in and out each day and as life becomes predictable the little black dog doldrums can bite at your heels and I think this is something not only the two legs can experience but the four paws too.

So as we plodd on with day by day living, the white lightenings sleep and mull about. They have thier moments of spirited play and mischievousness but they also look longingly in anticipation of new found adventures and being out of the house in amongst the world. Roll on the holidays we whisper.

However, in comparison to our count down to adventures, Pigcat is digging himself in for a long haul stay at home and in bed. For him holiday adventures mean the cattery (which is more like a 5* hotel, so I don’t know why he complains) but he is watching us through narrow eyes, looking for sign or hints that he may need to start an uprising. An uprising of huge proportions – to once again establish his important role in the family and his superiority.

For he is Lord Pigcat, first of his name. Royal ratter and prince of the magnificent lion mane – obviously…

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