An interview with Lord Willie.

An interview with Lord Willie First of his name. King of the streets, conquerer of toys and defender of the meek. Hear me now, listen to my story…

I am street dog, abandon to survive, raking in bins.

I was rescued but broken. Scared of people’s touch, untrusting of love.

That is until I met the two legs who did not hurt me and my kind, no matter how much I pushed their boundaries.

They think I am 5 or 6 but I don’t remember, because if I try to remember it means thinking of the bad stuff again and that’s all best forgotten.

I’ve had to go to the dogtors alot, since I found my daddy because my teeth were rotten, I still had my bits and my leg was bent and sore – but it’s all better now with a metal plate and some of my bent bone removed …

I’m slower than I used to be but much happier to be so. I guess my dad and mam are pretty lucky to have a fine specimen like me to take care of the family now coz they are getting on a bit.

They understand my few needs so well, a comfy bed, which I really don’t mind sharing with them, oh and wee Maggie of course. Good food freshly prepared and plenty of treats inbetween, a nice garden and walks, plenty of walks with the odd holiday to help wind down from the torment of putting up with that menance they call Pigcat. Thinks hes really something he does, all high and mighty and fluffy and handsome. Suppose he’s not that bad for a cat but don’t tell anybody I said that mind…

You know what I like the most though – cuddles off me daddy – he’s da man, I loved him from the first moment I saw him. I knew I’d adopt him then n there – cos he needed me like but he’d say we needed each other.

And mam – well she does great belly rubs but I’d wish she woukdnt kissy me so much – I’ve got a reputation to upkeep you know…

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