An interview with Maggie…

An interview with Lady Maggie, suitor to Lord Willie First of his name, fairmaiden of Northumberland, princess of mischief and fun. Stop here and Listen to my story.

I am the original born to this clan, although I was a wee bit of a shock to poor old dad whose smallest dog had been a ten stone rottweiler. Thus he called me a wee rat for my first few weeks (the cheek of it.) However, I was mummies golden sparkle in her eye from the moment she saw me. It was instant love and devotion.

Funnily enough though I was not the only fourpaw I’m the house Magnificent Pigcat was already resident and was a sad wee sole, having not long lost his best friend (the ten stone Rottweiler I mentioned before) and so our friendship began and it was a beautiful friendship as he walked by myside through puppyhood – even going on walks with me. We were inseparable.

Well that was until Lord Willie – the big brute came, he does not really like catz ( or so he sayes but I’ve seen him sitting next to Pigcat). I don’t know it it was a boy to boy thing (you know rivalry) but very quickly I was stuck in a courting circle – with no way to win. Thus I chose non – but neither boys have ever forgiven the other and are always trying to get one over the other. Not that Lord Willie will ever admit it but Pigcat always wins this game.

But me what do I care about – I love to run, I run everywhere, here and there. I jump and frolick and play. I love life. Mum thinks I’m as mad as a box of frogs – maybe I am but aslong as me and Mum are okay – I am too. Because if you upset my mummy I’ll bring a whole rainbow of terror on you – oh and never open your mouth for kissies, I put my tongue right in there – yummy…

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