An interview with Pigcat.

An interview with Pigcat. Prince yellow eyes, commander of the magnificent tail and Mane of wonders. Listen to my story, hear me roar…

I was here first. Raised by Dog. Not just any dog but Black dog, the ginormius. Diesel Dog the Rottweiler, a beautiful ten stone lump of kindness and compassion. Daddy still missed him, as do I.

But then came Maggie and we loved each other very much, she understood my need for friendship but also total loyalty. Accepting that I was boss and all she needed.

Well until that dogs came, with his big fat head and noisy mouth. Thought he was it did he but he was nothing compared to my magnificent. I am king of mischief and torment and all that meet me love me…

Or so I thought, it’s exhausting, every day having to put that bossy boots back in his place. Reminding him that he is indeed below my proud stature but I suppose he has to stay, for daddy seems to like him (and it does mean I get extra ham yummy) but that doesn’t mean I have to be nice to him – next time he’s not looking I’m going to scare him daft, the silly dog…

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