Sleeping Beauties…

And the theme of today is…

Sleeping Beauties, sleeping everywhere. I mean take your pick – is it because our life is so exciting and full – that they can’t keep up with the pace or that we are just dead boring and sleeping is the only way to make the time pass more quickly. Although I think it is just age catching up (or at least for us oldies)the younguns have no excuse…

But by lord can Willie snore, he’s like a sleeping troll, snorting and grumbling away – he has even managed to scare himself awake a few times as he’s sucked up his own drool (charming) and grandad is no better…

So as they snooze away thier dinners and recharge for round two, we snigger in the background. While reclaiming the remote control and sneak in a cuppa and a biscuit (and try not to fall asleep too because let’s face it, it’s contagious.) But for now we will just hope the bowels don’t relax too much and cause fartage – as there is nothing worse than a ripe dog fart in a room to spoil the TV 🤣🤢😉

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