Perfect View…

Not only does Mr 3WD&P love the fourpaws but he has a love for all animals, so when a buzzy bee got in a pickle in the house he was more than happy to help out and while he was carrying this chilled bumblebee out to the garden to get a much needed drink he managed to get a little stroke, which made him all the more happier and as Mr 3WD&P stood back and watched memorised as this little guy got on with his job of collecting pollen , he even sneaked in a nice little photograph and then stood back in awe, appreciating the important job they do.

Unfortunately the little legs (both two and four) were not as impressed, especially Willie who has learnt the hard way once or twice (well probably more like twice or thrice to be honest as he is a bit thick when learning and after trying to munch on these beautiful little busy bees) meaning both him, Maggie and the children kept a respectable distance while watering themselves (I would say plants but there was more water on them.)

But even this interesting and exciting job did not withstand the boy obsession with the digger. Yes as they heard the rumble of the digger in the distance, they dropped tools and the race to the sofa began. Legs, feet and paws scrambled as fast as they could in the least sportsmanship manner you could imagine – all vying for the best seat at the window. Sadly, I missed taking the photograph of the digger going by, which is all Willies fault. As you see the best seat in the window is not only the one at the front but also the one at the highest point – which in this case was on the baby’s head. Not that my youngest nephew was particularly bothered by this predicament – he could still see out the window – albiet he had a bird’s eye view of Willie’s bottom and was ininvertally being beaten with Willie’s excitable tail wagging, so thus by the time I had ‘saved the day’ and pulled my camera out the digger had passed…

Maggie by this point had decided that a digger was not worth the fight of trying to find a space on the couch or to try squeeze inbetween the mini men to watch it going by and had settled for a peaceful snooze in the now empty garden – that’s my girl!

And if you think getting on the couch was a hoot, you should of seen them trying to detangle themselves to get off – it was not graceful and my youngest nephew was not the only one to get up close and personal to Willie’s butt hole…

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