Long day…

Yesterday was a long day for all of us but in a nice way as we went adventuring ‘down country.’ Willie and Maggie took the car journey in thier stride (as they love the car) and we made sure there was plenty of stops along the way. For you see we had a new charge to collect.

Now there is no way to explain this new addition other than the heart won out, rather than the head – well that and sometimes the universe has a plan (which you don’t know about until it is upon you.) This indeed was to be the case in this instance. As sadly her original rehoming didn’t go quite as planned.

Now we didn’t really know or have any definates that she would be able to come back home to us when we started our journey to meet her, as we had no idea how Lord Willie, Lady Maggie and this girl would take to each other because let’s face it shes not quite westie size. That and like most rescue animals she has a sad story to tell, which sometime comes hand in hand with some emotional stress (I mean look at Willie’s introduction to our home, he is the epitome of the messed up in the head dog.)

But you know what – we didn’t need to worry, none of them batted an eyelid at the other. In actual fact this girl took a little shine to Willie and if I’m honest Willie to her (but he’s playing it cool.) Maggie – well Maggie is not fussed either but Maggie is pack leader here (after us) so she is being a little aloof and setting the ground rules. We have not formally introduced Pigcat into the equation yet though, one step at a time but he’s happy in his safe zone watching from a distance…

So we have an oldie in the house again, we weren’t looking as such but sometimes the heart wins and the universe gives you what you need…

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