Scaredy Cat…

Nessie is a gentle timid soul but as we have found out today she is a proper scaredy cat…

So far we are scared of:
Her food bowl (but not her water bowl),
Her bed,
Squeaky toys,
Her shadow,
Our shadows,
The bath,
The treat tin,
And soo many other things, that I’ve forgotten most of them and going by what we saw today out on walks and ‘testing the water’ with her as they say I’m going to take a guess that there is going to be ALOT of firsts for her.

But she does LOVE:
Our bed (with us in it)
The manchildren
Sitting on your knee (yes that’s me you can just see behind her…)
And sleeping…

And we can work with that and now she’s happy that her new collar and tags aren’t going to kill her and the food in the evil bowl is actually hers, we can slowly see her beginning to relax. Happy first Day Nessie 💜💜💜

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