Wee Nessie.

So wee Nessie – as you can see she is setting in beautifully and taking everything in her stride (even though she’s a scaredy cat.) Maggie, Willie and her have already devised a routine and learnt to manovure around each other and the girls have mellowed – now that Maggie has realised than Nessie has no interest or inclination to challenge her top dog status. The biggest dilemma – making sure we don’t chop Nessie’s head off when taking photographs (for she is slightly larger than the the original gang.)

Nessie has received a lovely warm welcome, not only here at home but on 3WD&P too and although she will never replace my beautiful Nana Rosie, she does in so many ways remind me of her. I know alot of people are patiently waiting for Nessie’s back story and we have deliberately held off talking about it for two reasons. Firstly, we wanted you all to meet her and love her – as well – her. Secondly, we can only tell you the information we have been given but the bits that are a bit foggy you can kind of put together by watching how she reacts. This is Nessie’s story (as we know it.)

Nessie’s name is new, she has not always been Nessie. She is a Harlequin Great Dane of around seven years old and as such is classed as an elderly lady and if you look closely she does indeed have some refined silver streaks. I believe Harlequin Great Danes are very saught after in the first instance but little Nessie has the beautuful added touch of having one blue eye and one brown one. She is small for her breed.

She started off life as a very young breeding dog (maybe where her small stature comes from) but on one of her litters the pups became stuck. Sadly meaning she had to have an emergency csection (and not a great one.) Thus she was no longer valuable to the breeder and was discarded. She was lucky enough to find a forever home after this traumatic start to her life but due to the csection she was to be left with wobbly hips and legs, that and as she gets older she has begun lose her sight and hearing (on the side of her blue eye.)

But this is not where her story ended, she did find a forever home but after two and a half years in her forever home, tragedy struck. Her mummy took very ill and she found herself once more alone, left for twelve hours at a time and was eventually handed over – she was left at the local dog kennels with nothing, frightened and scared. Her stay there was lonely and she slowly gave up, until she was spotted by a local rescue charity. Thats where we come in. She had only been there a week, when we spotted her, we were not actively looking for a third dog (with Mr 3WD&P bumping his gums about how three dogs is too much – Poppycock!)

But we kept going back and back to peek to see if she had any interest (Mr 3WD&P as he has always had and loved big dogs) so we rang because if she wasn’t available she just wasn’t supposed to be for us right…

She was in interest -somebody had put themselves forward.) Mr 3WD&P tried not to look devastated but I could see he was.) She was just not supposed to be. As you can gather it didn’t quite happen that way – we got a phonecall a few days later – it had all fell through but nothing is set in stone until that dog is travelling in the car home with you and we had a meet and greet to pass. Willie – he’d be the one, sometimes being a little antisocial.

I don’t know why we worried. It could not have went any smoother. Nessie has just fitted right in – yes she thinks she’s cat size and can hide behind things (she cannot – you can still see her.) She is our honoury westie, she’s a little bit broken but still good. She has no spacial awareness, soft pink pads (so hasn’t been walked much) and walks like a drunken dame on a sail boat in rough seas. She needs to be near enough on you to see you and if you shout out for her on the wrong side she doesn’t hear you – then again if you shout out on the good side she ignores you…

She is full of character – a bit of a Charlie Chaplin character. We will have lots of belly laughs with her and already she is playing.

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