I saved his life…

This is Willie. Willie is in a Huff and feeling sorry for himself. You see as Nessie settles in and the house gets used to a routine Willie is up to his normal of being a total idiot and this was exactly the case today.

Picture the scene today, three beautifully behaved dogs all sitting in a row patiently waiting for a treat and me sitting on the floor in front of them. I picked the especially nice treats (their favourites the kangaroo sticks) and in turn as I offered the sticks to each other dogs they gave me a paw, using their very best manners.

I started with Maggie – with her being the higher of the pack and she very gently took the treat from me and pottered away through to the next room, slowly to eat it (away from willie, as that’s why she usually takes a treats into a different room) so then I decided to give Willie his treat because you know , he was here before Nessie, we’ll follow the routine. However, as I gave Nessie her treat Willie began to make a funny noise…

The greedy bugger had just gone and tried to swallow his treat whole – he was choking. I reacted with lightening speed, slapping him gently on the back and rubbing his rib cage, which quickly turned into a frantic more firm slapping and all the while Willie was growling at me and bearing his teeth (trying to push the rest of his treat in, as he gasped for breath.) Nessie at the point was looking on horrified with a curious head tilt, Maggie had returned to see if there was anymore treats – saw the scene, rolled her eyes and went back I to the other room and Mr 3WD&P who was in the kitchen pottering about – you know putting the dishes in the dishwasher and stuff was just casually shouting through the room at me ” Oh I normally break Willies treats up small for him” – which was not helpful as by now I had escalated to Intermittendly veriociosly slapping him and half strangling him to release the treat from his throat – something Willie was not ecstatic about and has now trying to nip at me…

This had attracted the attention of the man children, who had come out of Thier rooms to investigate but had decided I had it in hand and left (along with Nessie, who was now bored.) Willie totally oblivious to the fact I was trying to save his life not take away his remaining treat. At this stage he was trying to escape and sick up at the same time (while carrying the remaining part of the treat) and I was moving onto the Heimlich maneuver – when all of a sudden it popped out…

Horrifyingly enough, in my shock of it popping out Willie had redevoured it (and the other remaining bit) Mr 3WD&P had magically appeared to comfort Willie – who was now angling for another treat – which he did NOT get and I am now the ‘bad cop’ again and am getting shunned. I give up – you just can’t help some people…


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