Sleeping Arrangements.

Sleeping arrangements have not really changed here. Willie still has his routine of chewing the pillows and climbing under the duvet to find the perfect spot where he can touch both of us, Maggie still sleeps next to me, either at my head or curled up into my tummy and Pigcat still patrols the windows outside, deliberately mewing through the open gaps to wind up Lord Willie first of his name (usually just as he has settled into a deep sleep.)

And Nessie you are wondering? Well, even though she is under the illusion she is cat size, we are very aware she is not and seeing as Maggie, Willie, Mr 3WD&P and I have only just got in a comfortable routine of having enough space in our now super king-size bed we doubt very much we could fit in a queen size one to accommodate Nessie. So Nessie sleeps on the floor. We started off with her sleeping in the hallway outside our room but quickly learnt that Nessie was not comfortable with this (as she longingly gazed over the baby gate at us all and whimpered all night on that first day.) We then compromised – letting her sleeping our room – on the floor. She is still not anamoured with this arrangement but sucks it up…

That being said, she has tried ‘the eyes’ on us and even stealthily snuck into the bed – thinking if she curls up into the smallest ball she can we will not see her (ERM no Nessie we CAN still see you) and by gum she is a stubborn old lady, flopping into a dead man stance when you try to get her off. We do let her come up for snuggles though, so her life has not totally ended (although she thinks it has.) It must be hard watching the two white rascals get comfy on the bed but she will get used to it – that and Willie and Maggie often pop down and snuggle with her during the night…

Hardest thing to get used to – rolling over in the morning when the alarm goes off to find not your husband in bed next to you but a giant size dog, with morning breath and a ridiculously long tongue (because Mr 3WD&P gets up for work at 5.30am) and this sneaky girl thinks it’s the perfect spot for her and Willie and Maggie are all for encouraging it – little trouble makers…

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