First Beach Visit…

Warning – lots of photos (sorry)*

We had a visit to the beach yesterday evening. It was not only Nessie’s first time but also the first time we have took Maggie and Willie, since Willie hurt himself post op and Maggie made a toddler cry by stealing her sandwich 😮. This of course meant the atmosphere was electric as the dogs knew something was afoot, especially as they weren’t allowed out of the car when we stopped by a friend’s to drop and collect goodies.

The beach if course was everything we knew it would be – chaotic. So let me explain with photographs…

Photograph 1; Nessie feeling a little vulnerable and not quite sure what to make of not only all the sounds and smells but trying to walk on the soft sand – thus she stayed close by dad.

Photograph 2; The realisation that she was not actually on lead and could explore with her pack. Look at that face of pure surprise and excitement.

Photograph 3; Running with the pack, pure exhilaration and she kept up with them brilliantly.

Photograph 4; No idea but the photo is hilarious, apparently we have a two legged Great Dane…

Photograph 5 to 8; Playing, running up and down the beach chasing each other, rolling in the sand and nose tagging – all three of them. Well, that was until Willie nutted Maggie in the face and nearly knocked her out (because he wasn’t watching where he was going.) Poor Maggie literally had little birds circling around her head and she tried to stotter back to me for a cuddle. It was like watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon and if you had heard the ‘crack’ as thier heads collided – Poor Maggie, Willie has a thick head.

Photograph 9; Comeuppance… What you are missing from this snap shot as Nessie’s clampers out of the sea is in her next step she stands on Willie’s face, resulting in Willie not only face planting the sand but getting a face full of sea water in the process. He was NOT impressed, thus the huff began (which didn’t last too long…

Photograph 10; Being brave and splodgng out to sea.

Photograph 11; Maggie realising very suddenly that a wave was coming as she was in past her toes and in her panicked to reverse, turn and run she nearly knocks Willie off his feet again (Poor Willie, talk about karma 🤣.)

Photograph 12; On the way home. How serene does this look! The sun shining making a beautiful silloette but can you see the people picnicking in the distance, right at the exit? He did – you know he did… Willie lifted that leg – right on thier picnic basket. So we scarpered as fast as we could (profusely apologising as we left.)

I think it’s safe to say Nessie enjoyed the beach and just to prove it….

We will share some videos later tonight 😍😍

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