All about the men…

This is a hard post. One that is all about the men and with a house full of manchildren (men) and June just gone by and it having being men’s health month it seems quite apt to have this post. Well that and here, this close to home we have had a very long three months.

So take a moment, look to the left, look to the right – you got any men or manchildren in your house? Or are you are man yourself? I’ve got a house full of em here. Know I would say we are a very open family here. We talk seriously (and laugh) about most topics and things (like how you can get salmonella from having unprotected sex and things – long story) but you know the stuff – there is nothing that we won’t really talk about but sadly outside of home – in the man world – it can be more difficult.

Men’s health (physical and mental) can be a rather reclusive subject. With men facing many barriers both socially constructed and emotionally debilitating. For men need to be strong, men need to hold the fort and seem impervious to all illness of health but this is far from the truth. We all need to look after ourselves and we ALL need to talk, male and female both.

We are survivors here. We have lived with heavy secrets and illnesses weighing us down. We survived but just, for you see we are (and have been in remission for some time) but illness fell at a time before the June mens health month campaign began, back in the dark ages when men thought they had to be elusive and forever strong, where being poorly seemingly held stigmas because boys don’t cry (pppfft) and all that but for the past three months there has been a niggle, a hint of the returning beast and we have hid our heads and waited.

The difference this time though is we have talked (and cried) and obviously worried dreadfully and thankfully, after a three month wait we have found the beast is not the beast we thought it would be. It is a smaller beast, one that can be put to bed but still it is hard to talk about it. The men cope by carrying on laughing and joking. They shrug it off and ‘man up’ (unless it’s a cold – we all know about man flu 😉) but I’ve listened and we’ve talked. The men don’t always want to laugh it off. To those that have fought the beast – it’s real and even when you win, you haven’t really won.

So look left and look right, is there a man or manchild sitting next to you?

Give them a nudge, tell them to check. We all need our heroes – we just need them healthy and well and a big part of that is knowing it’s okay to talk ☺️

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