Hello 🖐️

Hello 👋

This is me (thought I’d better introduce myself) I’m your average person with a mixture of all things nice, combined with some nutty bits and the odd oops a daisy now and then. I always try to be the best version of myself (but I am hooman and slip up sometimes.) I am a mother, daughter, momar, sister, wife, blogger, writer, artist – you name it like most people I do what needs done for my family. My loves though are West Highland Terriers, writing and drawing and in a time where wages Plato and expenses go up I (like many other people) are finding it harder and harder to to stay afloat and that makes life sometimes colourless and uninviting.

This is where little bits of happiness comes in. I have always tried to focus my writing and artwork with a positive slant, with a little bit of added glitter and magic to boot. To make life that little bit more sweet and I find in doing this it not only helps me and my mental health but others too and our health is important. In this day and age there is such a huge pressure on people to not only succeed but to try a be what magazines and social media and such promote as the ‘perfect’ self. This sadly means (because life is not that straight forward) many of us feel that cloud of failure – even if it’s a virtual failure rather than a physical one and of course this in turn affects our mental health. Mental health is a huge thing, especially in this modern time and I am pleased to say it is on the up in being recognised and acknowledged.

In my life (and even now) I have suffered/suffer from mental health issues, which can be brought on by stress or trauma and it can show itself in many ways, sometimes something as simple as just wanting to stay home to having a panic at what seems like the silliest of things to other people and I usually cover it up by laughing or being silly. There are days I am like a quality street in the sun – appealing and confident on the outside and a melted mess on the inside but this is what society expects – a stiff upper lip…

So I write, I talk and I draw and every now and then a little peice of happiness slips out and makes me smile BUT what is even better is if I share that little piece of happiness I can make other people smile and if along the way I can sell and share some happiness, well then I can buy more sparkles and magic and I can keep drawing and keep the smiles going. So if you see something you like or even want me to do something especially for you – pop me a message – one smile always leads to another.


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