Mr 3WD&P…

So the last few months here at the home of 3WD&P have been a wee bit strained with me (Mr 3WD&P) not feeling well and the daily worries that come with that and family and work. But.. the beasties always manage to understand us and help us come out of ourselves and of course cheer us up. So here we are on a muggy Sunday we are all too hot and bothered to go out exploreing and the fur babies just happy enough with sleeping Infront of the fans, until, we decided a little stretch of the legs was needed and soon the fun and frolics began, Maggie chasing her mammy, Nessie just being a bit nuts while joining in and my Willie was all over the shop just happy to be let loose. So happy Sunday from us I hope you found your ‘little piece of happiness’ today aswell xx

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