This little girl…

This little girl, my Maggie Moo. Two years today, gotcha day. She filled a huge gaping hole that was left after the sudden death of my mum. She was the little white dog my mum never had the chance to get when she retired. Maggie is the light of my life, my life jacket, my anchor ⚓

But here is a little secret, there is no secret that Mr 3WD&P is through and through a dog person. He adores all animals but dogs are his love, big, small, medium – you bet ya he’s there… Me though, I never did gel with the dogs, always preferring cats, never fully understanding Mr 3WD&P obsession. Maybe it was because the dogs always bonded to him first, rather then me, leaving me neutral- who knows?

But Maggie…
From that first day – she has ONLY ever had eyes for me and me for her. She never listens to her daddy. Everywhere I go, she is too. If Mr 3WD&P and I go separate directions it’s me she follows. Don’t get me wrong she will ‘have’ daddy (if she has too) but her heart is for me. This was very much the same with Nana Rosie too, leaving Willie a daddies boy.

The semantics at home now though are very much Nessie as a daddies girl, following him around like a lost puppy dog and I have cried alot over this as it has made me miss Nana Rosie even more (silly I know) but one thing that has happened is Willie has mellowed and hogs love from both of us now but Maggie…

She’s still a mummies girl and I don’t think that will ever change and I don’t want it too ❤️❤️

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