Not Amused…

We are NOT amused…

Imagine the horror – not only has poor Lord Willie been bound and chastised these past few days but he has also been hoodwinked and outright lied to – by his DADDY!

The trauma is just too much, the let down and heartbreak tearing him apart from the inside, no bribing of biscuits is enough (not even his favourite custard creams are enticing Willie out of his stupor.)

Yes he may have been ‘plucking’ as daddy accusingly states but he was not, he was merely being fastidious in his grooming (I mean such a fine specimen as Willie does not come about without care.) Yes he may now have a bald patch but it’s all character building and no fashion trend has ever been started without an entrepreneur…

Daddy has been VERY unreasonable, Willie put up with the thunder vest (albiet in an unsportsmanship way) but he did. There was no need for Daddy to do what he did. To deliberately be devious and sneaky, to plan behind his back – he even used Maggie as a decoy too (because let’s face it, if Maggie wasn’t in attendance, Willie may have cottoned on to something being afoot.) A small consolidation – Maggie came a cropper too – which in Willie’s opinion she deserved.

So the aloofness has begun, daddy will never be trusted again. Willie does not care it was ‘a nice new vet’ it is just not an appropriate for first greeting to not only thrust a finger up his bottom but to then to have to be further mortifiied by having a collosal injection stuck in his butt cheek – It is just not the done, especially to someone with Royal blood in their veins like him and it serves Maggie right to get one too for laughing at him…

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