Oh My Goodness Gracious Me…

Can you believe it.

What an absolute tool.

This could only happen to him.

Lord Willie first of his name.

He’s going to be the death of me.

I dread to think what our insurance renewal is going to be!

This kid is a disaster zone…

At this rate I’ll have to set up a go fund me account and call it ‘Willies Danger Funds’…

I mean bless, it’s not totally his fault this time (for once). It wasn’t him barreling along the field like a dwarf from middle earth, preparing to take down some orcs. Neither was it his fault that their heads collided with such force that even the Hulk would be impressed and although it has been determine that this event was the catalyst for his now unfortunate predicament, Willie is still in rather a collundrum about it.

You see out on our daily walk we met a Springer spaniel and you know how Springer spaniels can be well springy… Well this one definitely was too and in it excitement of greeting hello to our 3WDs it happened to come to a rather abrupt stop at Willie’s thick skull. Their two heads had collided at such a thump I’m pretty sure the ground shook beneath us (this is of course has not been the only collision Willie has had this month using his head as a break.) Anyway apart from being slightly disoriented for a few seconds and being rather notchalant with the said Springer, Willie seemed fine.

Indeed he has been a picture of health since, frolicking and being his usual worky ticket self, all the way up to last night. Yes last night, as Willie saught his comfort blankie for a suck, we heard a funny noise. A noise that was accompanied by Willie giving us a funny smile – a tooothless smile. Willie tooth had broken in two, leaving the stump and nerve in full view and a sharp craggy bit on the carpet…

Willie of course was rather pleased with himself, as I can only assume it had been aggravating him and the release of said tooth gave some reprieve – well only for a short time, as anybody who’s broke a tooth before will know an exposed nerve is not pleasant. So guess where we have been today and guess where and what Willie will be doing tomorrow…

Yes he’s been to the vets (again) and tomorrow he’s back again to get the rest of the tooth removed – can you believe it. He had perfect toothy pegs after all his dental work earlier in the year. Willie may have a thick skull but his teeth are not impenetrable. The insurance is going to love us (fingers crossed they will cover the dental as accidental 😱) and Willie?

Well we have a very grumpy boy here – there’s nothing like toothache to ruin your day and although the pain killers help, he’s definitely not so pleased with himself now.

And he definitely won’t be impressed tommorrow…

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