We’ve had a little bit of rain today and it has been lovely, we were so excited we just had to have a walk in the summer rain, although Nessie was not so keen and literally dragged her paws along behind us in a huff with daddy. While this predicament went on behind us though Willie and Maggie had a great time, running in the long grass, frolicking between the brush and leaping beneath the porch of the trees.

I believe they throughly enjoyed the feeling of the cool damp grass under belly (Nessie being exempt from this due to her long legs) and it was a total change from the normal dilemma we have when the wet stuff falls from the sky and they all put the brakes on at the threshold.

The nicest part though was the coming home, we went through the routine ‘mad half an hour’ dried off and settled down for a snuggle and a proper snuggle it was. Maggie has flourished into a lovely young lady and an independent one at that and although she is always by my side I do miss the proper baby cuddles.

And today I got just that and I feel loved. It has made a really tough weekend a little easier to cope with.


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