Willie has a strange feeling, you know the one. The one where you can feel someone staring behind you. Willie is worried he’s being paranoid, surely his intuition is wrong, nobody would be following him?

Willie knows he is awesome, he basks in the knowledge that he is unique and amazing. Nobody can withstand his charm and charisma without falling totally head over heels with him.

But still he feels he is missing something. Something niggles at the back of his mind. He can just not fathom what it could be…

Everytime mummy and daddy take a photograph of him he puts on his best smile, ready to dazzle the world with his beauty, for the camera is all for him. Nobody else is worthy of such devotion.

His sister’s on the other hand cannot help but get in on the action, even going as far as having as much fun as they can – I mean there is nothing as funny as a photo bombing on somebody else photos and while Maggie is quite graceful and almost sympathetic about it the same cannot be said about Nessie.

Bless her cotton socks, she may be many things but graceful is not one of them lol 🤣

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