The Vicious Trolley…

What have we been up to today, on this day, the first day of the holidays you may wonder?

Well, I tried to read a book – tried being the operative word, as it pretty much became an activity of pity. As almost as soon as I opened the first page the eyes of foreboding abandonment came into play and Maggie played such a good part in showing her feeling of loss and heartbreak that I’m sure there will be an invite to the Oscars coming through the door very soon. Thus reading was abandoned.

We then decided that taking the dogs for a walk was a good idea (before it got too hot and before Willie and Nessie joined in with Maggie’s sulking) but even that was not straight forward. As soon as we stepped outside we came across a rather disoriented Magpie who had flown into the windows. Again the walk was put on hold as Mr 3WD&P gave assistance and found a safe place (away from Pigcat) to recover.

And so our adventures did eventually begin and off we ventured into the fields and into the wilderness (on route to Marks and Spencer for breakfast.) Now Nessie is not a well veteraned dog to the outside world. Actually she is terrified of it. Any noise, smell or unknown route spooks her and the way she copes is usually one of two things. She either sits down and refuses to move or she goes into fight or flight mode (and if the leader is on – it’s fight.) Now fight sounds scary but there is nothing scary about Nessie – she’s all barks and no bite, preferring to curl up into a small ball if challenged, which is what happened today.

Our usual twenty minute walk to the shop took thirty (she only sat down four times and refused to budge) and as we sat and ate our breakfast outside Marks and Spencers she did relatively well. Only barking at one dog and a shopping trolley – yes she nearly took our table, our breakfasts and our neighbors breakfast with us as she tried to protect us from the said vicious trolley but all in all we all survived – food and all. We even managed a walk around pets at home, excitement free.

And when we got home Pigcat was STILL sleeping and on such a lovely day too but then again so were the three dogs after long cool drink, meaning I could do myself a little peice of happiness commission with all of our four paws making wishes on the moon but it’s not finished yet so don’t go looking too closely ☺️

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