What do you mean you’re not my real mom!

A photograph can say a thousand words, it can caption not only the present but the future too. It prompts memories, prevokes conversation and give a beautiful insight to a mere moment, capturing the emotion but photographs can also be liars.

Many a photo on a quick glance can be beautiful, breath taking and uplifting but what if that snap shot, that photograph was just a skin, a cover. We are so good as a society for ‘slapping’ a smile on for that selfie. We are so good at making our life’s look fantastic. It is almost like we are a competition for the best life.

This page, holds many, many beautiful photographs and memories and I know I take some of that for granted, there are people out there worse off but of course there are people out there who are seemingly better off too.

We are a disfunctional family. We spend 60% of our time trying to rub two pennies together to get to the end of the month without skinning our pants. We laugh and smile often because the alternative is sometimes to cry. We fall into the darkness and fight to crawl back out again.

Sometimes the only sane ones in our household are the fourpaws. Sometimes they are the only ones who can make us smile. They don’t care that my son has Asperger’s or that I sometimes struggle to walk over the door to the outside world. They sense when we are tired or Ill and they just go with it.

Sometimes I wish I was more dog, sometimes I wish we were all more dog. Sometimes the dog is the only one happy to see you and sometimes we are only happy to see the dog.

So don’t be fooled by that photograph, scratch and look under the surface and you’ll see nobody is perfect and life sucks for everyone at some point – you’ve just gotta keep plodding and cuddle a four paw…

But – if I was to caption the first photograph it would be …

“Omg what do you mean you’re not my real mom” lol.

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