Busy Bee.

Well today has been a busy day and as I sit here and write this little post while listening to the thunder outside I can definitely say I am exhausted.

The dugs were left home with Mr 3WD&P as I went out a gallavanting. With today being haircut day too it was something they were not ecstatic about but I think you will agree they look wonderful (at least Willie looks masculine, moody ans magnificent) moody being the highlight as if looks could kill…

And while they braved the shave the postie delivered my new business cards for little bits of happiness art – which I am slightly too excited about. Well that and I received the most lovely message today from a wonderful little bit of happiness fan (you know who you are.)

But to top the day off with cherries a cream – a girl day at the cinema to see Abba, some shopping abd food (complete with cocktails) and good company. What more could you want…

Well maybe a photobomb her or there or a cuddle from my beautiful four paws before I go to bed – because that where I’m heading – ready for adventures in the morning.

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