Dip in the North Sea anyone?
At 8pm at night?
Because that’s what Mr 3WD&P and my youngest son thought would be a great idea (not on your Nessie for me though…)

Thankfully not only did I have the sense to not be so stoopid but the dogs seemed to understand it was not a good idea either, choosing to sit tightly by my heels and watch with peeked interest.

And interesting it was, as both idiots chose totally different methods of water torture. Mr 3WD&P favouring the strip down to the boxers, close the eyes and make a run for it method – which did generally work quite well for him (I will try to convince him to post a photograph later) but it was not flawless, as as-soon he turned his back on the tide the sea chose to violently spit him back out onto the shore – not a very becoming exit from his swim…

His younger counterpart, however, went for the ease in method, first his toes, then his knees, a quick sit down in it and then (his most cleverest idea) to lie down, belly first, facing the waves – hhmm. Now I must say at this point please do not do this at home and most definitely do not do it alone. The North sea can be very dangerous (as can any sea) with strong tides and even the most experienced swimmer can be caught off guard.

So while we carefully watched my son’s attempt at braving the cold North sea we stood on standby and clocked a coming wave. Sadly my son was totally unsuspecting of this said wave and totally oblivious to his state of being face first in the waves direction but we did manage to catch his untimely end on the camera – if you check out the last photograph (and zoom in) you will see the face full he got 🤣

Unfortunately I didn’t catch it all on video, my attempt was spoilt at my snorting and laughing at the unfolding doom – thus all the video showed was my hands bobbing up and down holding poo bags and the sound of my evil laugh – I’m such a bad person – but I’m sure the dogs were laughing too…

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