Douche Bag…

All I wanted was a handful of nice photographs of my grandson running along the beach. The sun shining brilliantly behind him, reflecting off his copper hair while the breeze blew gently around him, making his feel as light as a feather. To capture his pleasure and excitement at jumping in the fresh sea puddles and the wonder at the cold water trickling inbetween his toes.

Just a handful of memories and secret smiles to delight at in later years and ponder the dreams of his youth. To laugh at his game of tag with his four paws playmates, one huge in comparison to him. To watch the beautiful interactions between him and wee Maggie as they jump over the incoming tide.

And indeed I did get a handful…
Compliments of Lord Willie first of his name and normally you cannot get a good portrait photograph of his Highness when the camera comes out – normally. However, on this occasion he is giving direct eye contact and I would even go as far as saying he’s giving me the eyeball (and possibly the finger.)

Thanks Willie my lad for the family memories and the trio of snaps which shows your perfect stance – we will cherish them forever and probably laugh a lot about them – if not for the wrong reasons, you douche bag…

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