Wee Nessie…

Wee Nessie is having a strange sort of week. We have took her out of her comfort zone of home, bundled her in the car, drove for an hour and plopped her into a new house. Quite alot really for an old girl who has not long been with us.

We have found too this week that she has huge anxiety issues out of home and in busy built up places. She just cannot relax and is on high alert all the time. Now this could be due to many reasons; her age, her lack of socialisation, her deafness or poor eyesight or just down to cruelty and mistreatment in her previous homes but like most rescue dogs you just never know.

We have took as many precautions as we could think of to assist her too . She wears a fluorescent harness with ‘blind dog’ written on the side and you would be amazed not only how many people think we are blind and she is our aid but also how many people this attracts and think that it is okay to fuss and distract her – now the latter doesn’t really bother us as we want her to become used to the bustle of life but it is worrying to think how many people think it is okay to distract what they think is a ‘working’ blind dog.

But do you know what is more upsetting. Not the looks and tuts from people as Nessie has a ‘moment’ but seeing people repel from her or deliberately going out of the way of the ‘big vicious dog’. I understand not everybody likes big dogs, I get Nessie has a deep loud bark and I get when she gets a fright she reacts by barking but it you watch, if you stand back and take it in…

She’s not going towards you, she’s going backwards. She is trying to get a distance, trying to hide, she is scared. That dog she’s barking at (because it’s 9/10 a dog) she didn’t see. All she saw was a shadow and caught a smell or a scent. She’s cowering behind us or like today – she’s trying to climb into our picnic basket – our sandwiches did not survive…

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